Sunday, December 23, 2007

pre xmas notes

ok. so to clarify. the last post was NOT about xmas. altho it would've been an AMAAAZING xmas present.

at this point i don't know how excited i should be about the proposed *thing* but it's ok.

i had a pretty sweet ski weekend with the hostfam =) and just got back.

i'm a LITTLE jealous that i missed the seoul powwow with man선생 but it's ok. i'll see my favorite faces tmrw anyway.

also, so, we got back from ski weekend a little early and i wanted to go to the gym. so i gear up and head out. and i get there and THE GYM IS CLOOOOOOSED!!! booooo!!!! so then i head over to my dance/yoga studio to see if they'll let me take a class NOT at my scheduled time just bc (ykno it's xmas and they really like me cuz i'm from american and i speak english) and halfway there i see the building is all dark and remember they only do classes on weekdays =(

so i come home ... and it's OKAYYYYYY because i just got another xmas package!!! this one is from Hannah and 정민 언니. i'm debating opening it now... and i will ... hehe after my shower (so it's like a reward!).

i already opened one xmas package from my family (i have 2 more coming!!! teehee) and i'll open the one from Hannah (and the Park fam) tonight and i'll save Wint's for xmas day when i get back from seoul. haha, WINT, i know you'd freak if i opened it early bc it's not ACTUALLY xmas!! =) this year we are opposites of last year with me getting my present early and mine to you arriving late!!

also, i'll update after i shower, about how korean ski resorts try my patience ... haha

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