Sunday, December 16, 2007

6 months (exactly)

me (elf) and santa (ray)

family xmas pic: jason, me, our daughter, and jess-the nanny

me, jess, kim =)

i should probably write some deep and meaningful reflective entry about the last half year of my life in korea. but i'm about to pass out (less than 5 hours of sleep for 5+ nights combined with nyquil=sleeeeeeeepy). i've been very american in putting off my xmas card writing. perhaps i'll try to do one or two tonight.

this weekend was a great great one. friday i did a bunch of random stuff in the morning, then yoga, then nails with maia, hot cocoa and toast with maia, then visiting subway unni, then visiting μ–‘μ‹ λΆ€λ‹˜ and a free ride to the retreat meeting/reunion. then of course dinner and drinks afterward. i came home pretty early bc of gumi the next morning but got to saw a teensy sprinkling of snow!!!

heading to gumi sat morning w/maia. arrive at orphanage and chillax til lunch and xmas party activities began. it was a day of ETA and children!! it was a loooooot of fun, despite the freezing cold indoors. (yea i know). i am writing in my journal about a lot of the thoughts i had. perhaps i'll share some later. but in general, the question of "parental love" and what that entails/means came up in my mind a lot. i was so grateful for my parents and wonderful family and everything i grew up with. and it only emphasized in my mind the need to give back. because i did nothing to deserve the situation i was born into (i don't believe in reincarnation, not exactly). so i feel like i ought to do something and give my amazing karma back to the world. but anyway, i'm droopy in the eyes, so i'm gonna journal and xmas card and sleep.

PROMISE (kindof) korea 6-month entry. soon. this week. i've been busy lately. (and maybe too cool to blog?) GASP. haha.
schedule for the week:
monday - 3 classes. (xmas/bank errands). end of year dinner w/2nd grade teachers.
tuesday - 4 classes. (LAST DAY OF CLASSES!!!)
wednesday - taean for oil spill cleanup helping =)
thursday - no classes. 1st grade teachers end of year dinner.
friday - FINITO!!
saturday/sunday - ski trip w/host fam
monday - xmas eve ^^
tuesday - xmas
wed to fri - english camp
THEN FREEDOM until jan 22.

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