Friday, December 28, 2007

korea is funny ...


today i taste freedom. from teaching. from little kids. FOR TWO FREAKING MONTHS!!!

lesson emphasizing "can i borrow (enter school supply here)?"
student: teacher, scissors
me (prompting): "can i ..."
student: ... HELP YOU?

restaurant corner:
me: who do you see in a restaurant? WHO?
MANY people

leaving hweshik lunch today, 5th grade coteach is walking 100 yds in front of us all alone
me and 3-4 english teacher: AUDREY선생님!!! why are you walking alone?
5th grade teacher: my face
... she got some moles removed yesterday and isn't allowed to wash her face, put on makeup, or let anything come in contact with her face and she thinks it's a horrendous sight so she had left lunch early so no one would have to see her .. haha

english camp was super awesome. it was gratifying bc i really felt like the students have learned SOME english (if not quite a LOT) this past semester. they've at LEAST improved HUGELY in classroom english comprehension. THAT counts for a lot for me. they've come a LOOOOOONG way from when i first saw them. no cheesy anecdotes right now.

oh, so 3-4 official english coteach is BAAAAACK from maternity leave. it was soooo good to see her. omg on wednesday when i saw her walk in the back door of the classroom i teared up. which is odd bc it's not like we were super close or anything but it just made me feel soooo good that she was back!!! she is DEF the best at english of the english teachers at school and the youngest of the 3 and she was the one who took the most care of me and stuff like that in the first month before she left to have her baby. i'm so happy she's back!! even tho it does surprise me that i'm as happy as i am, hehe.

then TODAY, i teared up and nearly welled over AGAIN when saying bye to 1-1 coteacher (again). i dunno why but i totally love her. she was my FAVORITE coteacher and the greatest one. her class was by no means one of my best/favorite/well-behaved/smart but class with her was always fun and amazing. she's just transferring schools and she told me she's not moving and promised she'd call me over break for coffee (well she said she would have coffee and i could get tea bc she remembers stuff about me like that =). i dunno, she just helped make my transition to korean life much easier and has always been amazing. i am thankful for the wonderful supportive ppl i meet in my life =)

foods i miss:
*goldfish crackers
*white cheddar goldfish crackers
*eating goldfish crackers by the spoonful with winty before, on the walk to, on the walk back from, and after going to the gym
*raspberry milanos (esp. when other ppl buy them for me)
*pork chops from george's
*chocolate chip cookies
*oatmeal cookies
*spinach and cheese dip, artichoke and cheese dip, lobster dip & tortilla chips
*sauteed mushrooms
*wheat bread
*blueberry morning cereal
*banana nut bread
*going to the refectory for lunch

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