Thursday, December 27, 2007

what should i do with my hair?

cut it short?

or grow it long?


grayshifter said...

Wow, you pull off short hair REALLY. WELL.

I vote short. But it's hard to grow back out. As I found out the hard way ;P

J.Lim said...

i like the shorter haired you as well. you look cuter as well as more professional.
the long hair makes you look kinda......never grew out of middle school-esque

Amelia said...

I think you look way younger with short hair and that long hair looks a lot prettier and older on you.

Maybe it's just cause in Korea everyone who has short hair is like a middle schooler. But it's your hair and you'll look good no matter what you choose.

Jacy said...

I also like the longer hair!! So hot!