Thursday, December 13, 2007

pro boxer

i am a dork. i was going to take a shower and i caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in my sports bra and bathrobe ... and decided i looked like a boxer. like hillary swank in million dollar baby. and i felt really tough and cool. (mind you, my sports bra was acceptable ... but my bathrobe is fluffy and bubble gum pink ...) i probably did not look anything like a boxer.

(this was pretty pointless) haha. im going out for a nails date. i'm wearing a bunch of american clothes today. 7 jeans, new abercrombie sweater from mommy, new *GOLD* coach sneaks from mommy!!! i'm psyyyyyched. then i am writing letters and xmas cards. so if you are one of the few who reads this religiously, you can prob expect from xmastime mail. =)

and i feel good cuz i had DDUK instead of cheesecake. and my host bro told me dduk is good for you ... i hope so? it seems like refined rice flour and sugar to me .... but whatever. i heart 떡.

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