Monday, December 10, 2007

we scare, because we care

5 points if you got the allusion above.

i had no school today due to the ONE day of exams my elementary kids get. it was very nice. well, first, a recap of this weekend.

jess came to cheongju on saturday. it was so lovely to see her and 딩굴거려 together. i got my nails done, then we walked around waiting for minsuksan to come join us. then we walked around some more waiting for maiasan. finally we all four went to go eat dinner!!! after dinner we walked a bit more then went to a cafe where we sat around and were lazy for like 2 hours. it was a good day. plus i took buses all day so i was very thrifty. jess and i were super awesome and read before going to bed. haha

sunday: we woke up and 딩굴ed some more. we went for lunch with my hostfam (감자탕) and then jess and i took my hostsis to the arcade place in the CGV building. UMMMMMMM I FOUND TWO OF MY TRUE LOVES THERE!!!!!! TETRIS AND SOUL CALIBER!!! i am soooooooooo going there alllllllllll the time!!! for 500won i can have like 30min+ of fun (with tetris) and hopefully i'll get my soul caliber skills up again so that 500w will last me at LEAST 30 min. GAHHHH!!!! this is why i never START/dabble with video games ... i get more addicted than you boys out there.

anyways, after that we came home to 딩굴 again until dinner. which was my favorite, BBQ chicken's GOLDFINGERS!!! MMMMMmmMMmmMMmmmMMMMmm!!!! delicious white meat chicken tenders with some kind of spicy light tantalizingly crunchy coat!!!! yummo!!!! then jessica left =( and i read and went to bed early.

i was going to write a lot more but i'm tired and need to rest before yoga and the gym. im gonna reread my letter from winty (i got ur xmas package today!) and then go back to my book for the week. and then workout. oops. i almost forgot i need a lesson plan for tmrw. haha sometimes i forget that i need to teach.

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