Wednesday, December 19, 2007


sometimes i miss my family so much it hurts.
my sister just started a blog and emailed the link to my family and my dad jsut responded with another email and reading it was so wonderful and got me started crying. and it hurts so much to be so far away and know i wont be able to see my family for so long. i have the most wonderful loving family in the world and many ppl think they went overboard and spoiled me rotten but i don't care bc they are my favorites. i miss my parents and my sister so much. and i jsut want to hug them for a week and not let go. (it would be pretty awesome if someone would feed us tho even whilewe are in the hug).

i refuse to sit here and cry like a baby tho so i'm gonna go to pilates dance class. it'll be a good pickmeup.

i miss them so much.

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