Tuesday, December 18, 2007

TPOPT (the power of positive thinking)

today was a frustrating day for weguks in cheongju.

it could've been a far worse day if not for my POSITIVE THINKING!!!

haha. well it was my last day of class! and things went pretty well. normally i hate tuesdays cuz it's 4 classes of 2nd grade (blech) haha i'm kidding. i just like them less than my 1st graders which isn't saying much cuz i LOOOOOOOVE my 1st graders. anyway. i decided to change my attitude and decided today was going to be fun with the 2nd graders!!! w00t! and it WAS! the kids were the same as ever at english (that is to say, they were not so good but hysterical).

then the downs syndrome girl (not a nickname, she has downs and i dont know any of my students' names) told me she liked me better than all the other teachers and that i am very pretty and have pretty shoes, too. haha. but that changes everyday. last week she said she didn't like me bc she is bad at english. haha. but it was a good feeling to have her talk to me at least.

next, mad errands. my phone bill got paid, no biggie. then headed downtown, filled out all the paperwork ... the bank guy says "do you have your passport" and i'm like uhhhh it's at home .... so of course i'm in a poop mood bc i had thought going INTO the bank oh this is gonna suck but then i was like, no no think POSITIVE and i smiled but it STILL sucked. anyway, POSITIVE THINKING: it was a good thing i came home bc i had to PEE like i was niagara falls. ok i kno that was TMI (too much info) but if i exaggerate it makes me feel not as wasting time that i had to come all the way back home for my passport. plus, i called franklin and just speaking ENGLISH to someone made me feel better about the bank thing.

also, i saw jamal crossing the street while i was on teh bus home, and saw him coming out of HIS phone place on my way BACK to the bus stop. so it was good to talk to him. sometimes, jus ttalking in english makes me feel better. and jamal was having a bad errand day, too, so commiserating was good.

head back downtown, figure out bank biznass, met up with maia, had another positive thinking moment, but now i forget that one. but maia and i were thankful for our hostfams again. =) and each other. seriously, this girl is my sanity in cheongju. i dunno what i would do without her.

i sent all my xmas cards minus 2 today (they are both waiting for package completion). sent my sister 2 packages!!! (surprise!) and got myself a 6,000W sweatshirt to wear to taean tmrw that i wont mind getting oil on. maia and i got matching shirts so we will be a couple. haha. (mommy, i'm gonna wear my new underarmour you sent me and i'm so excited about being warm!)

ohhh funny story for today: i haven't had any in a while, i'm sorry:
so in 2-1 class, there is this one boy in the front who does the 노홍철 저질 댄스 to EVERY song/chant we ever do in class. it's quite hysterical. if you are not familiar with it please enjoy:
at 11 sec. dance 1

and this one at 43 sec and 55 sec. dance 2

anyway, so he KEEPS doing it today while we are learning a new song for 10 minutes. and even a cute thing gets old. the other kids are telling me, "teacher he is crazy he crazy boy crazy, crazy boy him" so FINALLY i say: "i know, 돌 아이" and they FALL APART. hahahaha. this takes a little explaining if you don't get it right away. (is that redundant?) it is reference to nickname of the blond guy 노홍철 who does the dance and it is a play off the word for a LOON. (that is roughly what this all amounts to) they were blown away by my cultural reference and also that icalled my student crazy. it made for some nice bonding.

now the other funny part: tonight is dance/pilates for my yoga/pilates studio. we alwasy do these pelvic thrust things the whole class (focused on abs and crunching motion, go figure) and we start doing the 저질 댄스!!! hahaa. i was DYING laughing as i was doing it. but it really did work my abs. so it was great. if my students could've seen me they would've DIIIIIIED.

ok, taean at buttcrack of dawn tmrw so sleep now. gnite, loves.

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