Friday, December 7, 2007

life is good

ok. barrage of updates/entries in production. many many drafts. (not to say they will be in good condition when i publish - just that there are many entries of just bulletpoints).

my life right now is good. i am a very lucky girl. i think the walk from home to gym is shorter than the walk from wilson to few quad. my walk from home to school is shorter than walk from the WEL to soc psych. i recently joined yoga/pilates classes and altho it's nothing like the ashtanga i miss and my body craves, it's decent. the instructors are ridiculously adorable and perky and upbeat. and altho yoga doesn't make me sweat like i'm used to, they do a lot of "korean" workouts like upper arms, abs, and thighs. which is good for me bc those are the first places i gain weight.

i've chatted with one of the trainer guys at my gym, too (he needed english help for these weguks but that's another story) and they're all really nice, too. they are super friendly to me and always helpful. i'm thinking of possibly signing up for a few training sessions to learn how to diversify my workout cuz i've been getting bored of jus running and stretching. (the weight machines LOOK mostly the same but also kindof different and i dont know how many KGs are equal to the LBS i'm used to).

my host family is great just like always. altho they have started to get on my nerves sometimes. i think this is just normal living with a family type feeling. they don't DO things on purpose to annoy me, i jsut get annoyed sometimes by their habits or stuff like that. but i'm sure that means they feel the same way about me too so that means we both need to be better around each other. =)

lydia came to visit on thursday and we saw EVERYONE (minus maia) and that was fun. then yesterday was an all day english native speaker teacher province trip. spent the day with the other ETAs and EPIK folks. we made dduk and dyed handkerchiefs (cultural experiences) and then separated into secondary and elementary to watch demo classes. for me, it was jus OK considering they did a 5th grade class and i teach 1st and 2nd which is so differnet you can't even understand. haha. also, i am fo sho the only one doing younger than 3rd grade so it wasn't helpful really to talk to the others or whatever.

altho i DID feel lucky that i speak BOTH english and korean decently enough that i always knew what was going on. since many ppl were there with their coteachers there were all korean times and all english times and almost always someone was out of the loop. but i was happy i understood both langauges. and my coteacher realized how lucky SHE is that she has me. the whole day she kept saying "i'm so happy we got you and you speak korean. i can't belive what it'd be like if i had to talk in english all the time. it would be so 닾닾해 and it would take so long to explain even one thing" and she realized how competent and culturally understanding i am. haha. so that was nice.

the snow up near jaecheon was PERRRRFECT for snowballs so clearly that happened quite a few times!! oh!! but i fell TWICE!!! i slipped on the way out of my teacher's car in the morning bc there was black ice on the parking lot and then i fell on my way out of the bus bc the steps were super slippery. my back is ok but i broke a nail pretty badly and have a bruise on one of my forearms from using it to brace my fall on one of the steps i think.

anyway, jess lee is coming today!!! whoopeeee!!! so im gonna read my book, write a letter to lil cricket, and clean my room. get psyched for like 2 entry a day days starting next week. hopefully. i've been so busy lately (but in a totally good way) it's been harder to update.

p.s. my thanksgiving turkey lesson went well!! and so did santa claus emotions. (pictures to come!)
on another positive note: english camp is over. so HOPEFULLY this means i get to leave school at 1:30ish for the next few weeks!!! (i'm getting soooo excited about LIFE!!!)

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