Wednesday, December 12, 2007

whirlwinds of fun.

i'll say this much for my life. it's NEVER boring. i just had a class where one of the boys is "in love" with me and then another one starts crying at the END of class and no one can calm him down except a few of the boys take turns trying to calm him down and alternate between carrot and stick methods.

apparently the issue at hand is SOMETHING money related. i have no idea what is going on. the meanish one kept hitting the sweetlooking one during class so i was not happy with him. but then at the end apparently the meanish one says that the sweetlooking one keeps telling MO that he owes SLO money. then later after everyone leaves and i am talking to SLO he says that the MO keeps taking his money. so i have no idea who is telling the truth or what is really happening.

anyway, lunch was ok. i heart 파전. it's so deliciously tasty and yummy. i could eat it every day all day. then i would be a fattie. haha.

these 5th grade girls jus stopped by. 2 of them had been in one of my english camps and they brought a bunch of their friends. there was some crazy konglish going on. and the one is admittedly crazy. she reminds me of 송이 when she was younger. haha. and/or me. altho i think i've calmed down quite a bit. and thre is a new 방방 nearby!! i'm SOOOOO excited for the 방방!!! haha and these students' english is GREATtastic. i'm SOOOO excited!!!! i'm gonna hang out at the 방방 (trampoline!) and play with my students!!! heeeehehehehehehehe

entry later (when i go home) on my many questions.

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