Wednesday, January 23, 2008

english english fun fun

student: teacher, i watch drama and i hear many things i do not understand
me: ok, tell me
S: mmm this boy is told this girl "im crush on you"
M: i have a crush on you?
S: yes, he said that what does it mean
M: it means he likes her, it is a very light kindof thing, not LOVE, but he likes her
S: oh, and also, "steer clear of you"
M: that means to stay away
S: to avoid?
M: yes exactly
S: oh ok, thank you
M:this sounds exciting what drama was it?

ok i have a full-fledged CRUSH on one of my students. except this time it's ok bc my students are older than me. =) haha. and i know jungmin unni said not to fall in love with a country bumpkin korean boy and live in the mountains and she made me promise to return to america. and i totally will. but one of my students (he is a elementary teacher) is soooo cute and funny and wonderful. he is not so good at english but he tries so hard it's great. i'll ask him a question and he looks totally blank and bewildered and put on the spot and he just says, "YES" to everything. and ykno how sometimes ppl's voices change when they switch languages? (i'm told mine does, VERY drastically). his ENGLISH-speaking voice is all husky and manly and muhshissuh. i was surprised. but haha, yes he is my new crush. i will only see him 4 more times and my crush will be gone. but that's ok. after all, i can't afford to fall in love and stay in korea. haha.

some of his better quotes from today's class:

once in a blue moon there was tigers in korea and now and then there are never tigers

comparing a picture w/2 coffee shops called bill's coffee and one coffee. they had to think of reasons why bill's was so crowded and one was empty:
-bill's coffee has coffee, tea, cake, sandwiches and one coffee has ONLY coffee (b/c name)
-bill's is grand opening and all his friends are there
-ppl w/lots of friends go to bill's and ppl w/no friends go to OC
-there is no clock in OC so ppl dont like to go
-OC is self-service there are no waiters

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