Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Korea Disease

edit: i forgot motion sickness. that i've NEVER had before in my life. i now get it on buses (even in the front). i was not meant for public transportation. haha my mom's gonna have a cow about that line.

diseases/conditions i've been afflicted with since arriving in korea:
*adult acne
*loss of appetite
*cycles of insomnia and hibernation(napping all day)
*chronic cold that is probably mono or the result of teaching 500 kids under 10yearsold a week
*so many knots in my back my massage lady doesn't know what to do with me
*chronic cough
*more arthritis
*chronic sore throat/broken voice
*absolute hunger w/no desire to eat anything
*sprained/broken right foot
*mysterious bruising
*the black lung
*chronic hypersensitivity/short temper (and you all know my fuse wasn't that long to begin with)
*ear infection

one thing's for sure: the blogs i read from fulbrighters in korea before deciding to take this on, def HELPED me lean towards the YES I WANNA GO side ... mine is SOOOO not gonna do that ...

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