Thursday, March 27, 2008


my BIRTHDAY celebrations have begun!!! 12 more days!!!

and i got the bestest invite today. it was gloriously funny. it even included a reference to disliking me.

ANNNNNND i got my first present!!! winty- your package arrived today and was such a marvelous little surprise. the card kills me and the earrings are looooovely. =) my mom said they were sexy. haha.

yes, i couldn't help but open it. i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVES presents.

i can't wait. i heart birthdays. especially mine.

eyes closing. dinner tonight turned out like a million times better than i expected. so yayy for new friends.

plus 2 awesome emails that made my day. equals i have like 5 emails that i need to reply to.

sending out some mail tomorrow after school. my last done at noon friday for 2 monthsish.

so disjointed. promise better prose later. when more coherent and awake.

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Helènic Glauc said...

Happy Birthday, then, from Barcelona!!!