Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"daily" bulletin board

heeeeeeeere it isssss...

my very first foray:

and the finished WONDERFUL version:

p.s. i made all those individual pieces: months, days, questions, weather cards, etc etc etc. the light blue is velcro board cloth and the yellow and orange is sticky felt (you just peel off a backing and stick it on!). the bottom flowers we bought, they're made from foam. but i cut, glued, laminated, and recut all those other pieces. =) the other english teachers helped out (rather than decorating their own classrooms haha). i think it was totally worth it.

and you don't even WANT to see it before i tried to transform the original space. it was yuck green with just laminated weirdo looking alphabet letters.

sooooo tired. am i nuts? i put up 5/6 of my students flower crafts and now i've decided that i want to change the order that i've put them up in. as in just take everything down and put it back up. i don't like the order. right now the title "Our English is BLOOMING" is on top and the classes start with 2-6 at the bottom and i've been stapled up to 2-2 up. but NOW i want to put "Our English is BLOOMING" at the bottom and put the classes with 2-1 at the bottom and 2-6 at the top. mostly b/c the bottom is much closer to the students' eye level and THAT's where the big letters should be? and my hallway is narrow so it's not like they would be able to see the letters on top from far away? or is that just stupid? i have 36ish students in each class. so i have to take down 5x36 and then put 6x36 back up. what should i do?

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