Sunday, March 2, 2008

US tour part 1

So, despite cutting Duke out of my 2 weeks in America, I still get the feeling I did a college tour. In my 2 weeks, I ran through 9 states, 4 big city/metro areas, and visited 4 college campuses/towns.

States: NJ, NY, Massachusetts, RI, CT, DC, MD, VA, Delaware
Cities/Metropolitan areas: NJ, NYC, Boston, DC
Colleges: Boston College, Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown

Ok, first off, I land on Vday night in NY and spend it smothered in my parents' love. Yayy for being spoiled and loved!

We went up to Boston to visit my sister at school that weekend and pretty much I gorged all day. After meeting her 8 suitemates we had a delish kalbi lunch, walked around Harvard Square, had some delish cake, then walked over and had dinner at Upstairs on the Square (i think that's what it was called). I should've taken more pictures. But I was distracted by trying to make up for 7 months of not being with my family.

Ok, so coincidentally, the Monday following my arrival was a special Admitted Students' Day at Columbia Law. More deets HERE . Soooooo, I decided to go and RSVP uberlate but they were great and said I could come. I had some difficulties getting into the city (forgot about President's Day and holiday bus schedule) but managed to find my way there on the subway and everything! I was like 5 minutes late but that was ok bc I got a personal/individualized tour from a 3L and that was good bc I'd been on the tour last year when I first got in and visited. He answered a lot of my more specific questions and since I had deferred and was definitely coming, he answered all my questions of the cons of Columbia, too.

We then had a grrrrrreat brunch with more current students and administrators followed by a special lecture on Puerto Rico and then we had some free time. Okay, here it comes. I went to sit in on a class (one of the 1L spring electives) and I was SOOOOOOO PSYCHED!!! I had no/little idea what they were talking about but I was sooooo excited by being back in a classroom at a top-notch university!

In case you ever missed it, I HATE WORKING. ABSOLUTELY despise it. Studying and academia have been and are my true loves. I can NOT wait to rejoin SCHOOL!!! (as a student not a teacher!) It's TOTALLY nerdy but all day at Columbia I was filled with an air of happiness and anticipation and excitement for being a STUDENT again! GAHHHHH I was so excited. I also mostly went to look at various housing options and have mostly decided that I'll probably live in an apartment share for less than $1000/month. I am so glad CLS subsidizes AND guarantees our housing.

Of course, the weather was amaaaaaaazing. It was like 50-60 and balmy all day. But of course as soon as I verbalize that, it starts POURING haha. Anyways, it was such a great day and i can NOT wait for 1L to start. (from the sound of things, this will probably change once i DO start).

I.E. last night i woke up at 4am (like i did today) and i online-browsed furniture for my apartment next year ... or should i just go with a furnished apt? i've seen it and it's just standard issue college furniture .. but it WOULD be nice to have some of my own stuff .. i want to live in a pretty room! i've also already started thinking of next summer's internship. since it's pretty much impossible to get a NYC firm internship as a 1L most students do some public interest work or go back to their homestates. I'm thinking maybe going international to intern my 1L summer. Hong Kong? or maybe Korea again? (this time in seoul duh) or after my DC visit i'm seriously considering interning in DC. i actually REALLY liked the city and metro area, and it's a bit cheaper than NYC. so maybe i could look into internships (a clerkship?) there to try on for size.

p.s. that one year of hell known as 1L is so gonna be worth it. pretty much after 1L, i'm set for the next like 20 years barring i don't like hold up a bank or kidnap babies or something stupid like that. (i've already explained this to the favs so i won't reiterate on grounds of sounding like a total snob).

Anyways, the next week I spent shopping and reading and spending time with my fam. and THEN on THURSDAY i headed to DC. but that's for the next entry. ^^

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