Wednesday, March 26, 2008

past weekend and randoms (exhaustion high)

otay. so i finally crawled out of my cheongju shell and went up to seoul this weekend. it was meant to be a day trip but blood is thicker than water and so it ended up being an overnighter.

yesterday was the 2 week mark till my bday. YESS!!! i think. is 23 such a great age to be? i'm not sure. seeing how i was only 22 for 2 months before being brutally shoved onto 23 for half a year... it was ok. i guess i won't mind. it's gotta be better than 24 right? because 24 is just... well, let's face it, old.

i'm ALMOST finally finished with my columbia housing app. i'm TOTALLY psyched. sooooo excited for my NYC apt. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe. yep. try that times 10. or more. i'm TOOOOOOTALLY giddy!!! altho after living in a 3 person apt that cost $1000/month in a gated community with a pool and gym that was new and huuuuge and full of light in durham, i DO consider $1000/month for MY SHARE of a 3 person apt in nyc a BIT much. AND that's the subsidized price. guess that's another place i'll be donating after i graduate. (add to list: donate TONS to duke university-so my kids will get in and donate to CLS housing-so future poor prelawyers like me can live in ny).

p.s. the housing app is actually super short. it's the 500 character comments box i've been editing for a week.

seoul was a good bit of "fresh air" after staying in cheongju for 3 weeks. it wasn't that i love cheongju that much, admittedly it gets boring. it's just that i've been so busy prepping for school. even today i have a million and seven things that i brought home to finish for school. i dunno, i feel like my school somehow got more demanding yet also more fun. maybe i'm enjoying myself more in class. i don't know. but it's not as bad as last semester, i'm just somehow a million times busier and tireder. i have a standing list of ppl i'm supposed to be meeting and eating with and so far i've not gotten to more than 1 of them. how horrible is that!?!?!

i think def one of my favorite things about college was the food. no, not the duke GFH food. but all the lovely restaurants we had around that we frequented. i looooooved just heading offcampus with wint, ty, mosley, ashley, etc in tow. i miss it!!! eek! i can't believe they're less than 2 weeks from graduating! that's nuts!

on the other hand, i can't freaking wait for law school. i've just been psyching myself up and i'm sooooo excited for it. to be a student again, yippeee!!! NOT to mention my new suit that's just hanging in my closet until next summer. i can't WAIT to wear it to my freaking first internship. i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE suits!!! i can't resist.

ok, this went totally off on a tangent. back to um, well another topic. you know how you can tell 4th and 5th grade classes apart from the others? the girls look giantly huge and clearly on the verge of puberty whereas the boys look like they're 7. or younger. it's like moms and sons. i totally forgot that puberty happens like that. which reminds me, is it like evolutionarily that way on purpose? so girls are SUPPOSED to be with older guys in the "mating" world? i think i would totally love sociobiology type stuff.

p.s. i'm making progress in my korean HP6. altho i wish i had started with HP1. which is only 2 volumes compared to the 4 volumes of HP6. i'll probably just read the 1 volume and be done with it. time to start my 1L pre-reading. sometimes even i am amazed by what a freaking dorkus/nerd i am. i hope i am not 100% nerd. bc i want to have social skills, too.

ok, well, i have to get back to work. i came home at 4pm and now that i've been lollygaggin it's 5:10 and i have to get back to schoolwork. when will i foster my own hobbies and interests? =) eek!

just kidding. i think i will do yoga before dinner and work on school stuff after. or else i might just go nuts. hehe.

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