Thursday, March 13, 2008

stress relief.

so. stressful as going back to work is (only a bit-mostly just physically tiring it's mentally invigorating), a lot of the joy in my life in korea has been returned to me this week in the form of interaction with my students.

new examples of konglish:

me: what is an example of a salty food?
student: 바다 물! (SEA WATER)

me: what is an example of a crunchy food?
student: 동치미!!! (a type of white radish kimchi that is, indeed, very crunchy)

me: what is bitter? what does a bitter food taste like?
student: bitter? THAT'S MY ENGLISH HAKWON NAME!!!
me: ... PETER??? your english name is PETER!??!?!
student: ... yes... bitter
me: laughing hahaha bitter and PEter are 2 different words

p.s. those were all the same student, he was hilarious

PPT slide: TOPIC: classroom manners

me: what is "excuse me"?
students: 겨드랑이. 겨드랑이 털. (armpit. armpit hair.)

no idea why those were their first choices...

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