Thursday, March 20, 2008

thirsty thursday

today's title has nothing to do with my post.

i had loads to say but now am so tired i'm blanking.

anyway, i did the stupid thing and took down all my kids' crafts only to put them up again a different way. but it looks sooooo much better. pics tomorrow. plus secondhand pics of some of my students. (will make sense when you see it)

today was a good day, and i'm still infinitely happy despite my swollen and irritated throat, droopy eyes, and well, no voice. i might not even sing in the shower tomorrow morning. now THAT's some indication of how bad my throat is. and don't worry, i'm the only one at home by the time i'm in the shower after morning yoga.

ok eyes dying. night. (i've lost that youthful vitality that keeps you up till 4am for no reason other than you're young and your blood is pumping).

this is kim, who reads my blog but never comments. HAH. calling you out, stalker. ESPECIALLY since you SAID you'd start commenting.

(i dunno, i wanted to add a picture, some visual stimulus and couldn't think of anything else... but kim....weird...)

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