Friday, March 14, 2008


so, yesterday was a fundiferous day.

ok that was superlame. i apologize. but yesterday somehow i was ELATED and NOTHING could go wrong. except both my classes but still. i was somehow super happy. tired, but happy.

i dunno. yesterday made me happy.

my first two classes were cancelled. but i didn't find out about the 2nd cancelled one until after i was already at school. but i got a LOT of work done in that period for english camp. nexxxxt, i really wanted these schedule planner books the teachers all get from their union or something apparently and somehow my head english teacher was able to procure one for me and so yayy!!! i told her she was my santa+fair godmother and that made her really happy.

i just had a pretty good day. i miss my old students so much. at least i get to see them around. and i love having my 1st graders again. i got some white day candy from some girl students. we (all the elective teachers) went to the 문구 for supplies for out classrooms together in the afternoon when the weather was perrrrrrfect so that was fun. i bought these cool self-stick memo boards for my desk area in my room (not classroom) and they're so fun. i LOVE self-stick and post-its and whatnot.

i dunno. yesterday just had me in high spirits. i read a little (i've been neglecting that lately). i've just been so tired that i don't have the energy to weird. which is totally weird. so i've been watching a lot of TV on my computer. isn't that odd? i never used to watch TV. altho i do have a somewhat obsessive personality so when i get hooked on something i have to do it RIGHT all at once. sometimes i wish i weren't so OCD.

i was so productive despite my tiredness (which is i guess one reason i was in such a good mood). i did SOME winter cleaning. i moved out my SUPER winter clothes from my closet and sorted them into two categories: winter clothes to take home AND winter/spring clothes to donate/leave in korea.

i started talking about sending my stuff home options with imo. it's all happening so quickly. =) also today's weather looks amaaaaaazing from inside. i really want to go out. but don't really have a reason to and hwangsa makes it difficult to justify going outside and poisoning myself for no reason. also, i TOTALLY miss the quads and all the lawns and grass at duke that was pretty much free to anyone to claim as their own. all this concrete and bricks makes it so much harder to enjoy the spring.

i guess it always boils down to the same thing: i miss duke. i miss being a student. i miss america. hehe.

lol. i was just thinking. how when the day was particularly beautiful, it was ripe for a nice long drive (windows down sunroof open) to the MALL where we would enjoy the natural daylight filtering through the glass ceilings. haha.

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