Saturday, March 1, 2008

Welcome back to Korea!

Please stay indoors due to the "Asian dust" alternately known as 황사, Yellow wind, Yellow sand, Yellow dust, and the like.

To welcome me back, Korea's pulled out ALL the stops and trapped me indoors with the advent of the "Yellow wind." Wiki article here. In short, this is a phenomena due to the increased desertification of China PLUS all of its super-pollutants from rapid industrialization BLOWING all into the KOREAN air that I breathe!!! The nerve! The gall!

Ok, so it's more of China's fault (apologies to my Chinese friends) than Korea's fault. But COME ON!!! If America is going to build a HUGE wall/fence to keep out the undocumented immigrants (aka "illegals" but i think that's un-PC now) the LEAST korea can do is build its OWN wall/fence to keep out tiny microsize particulate that clogs/attacks my lungs/nasal passages/eyes and tries to give me cancer. You would THINK if you could keep out PEOPLE, it would be easier to stop wind particulate.

Good news for me.

So, since I teach elementary maybe I'll get a few random days off this month. Apparently March is traditionally the best spring month in Korea but this Yellow Dust stuff has stolen March from Korea.

Oh, and i almost forgot to say WHY this annoys me so much. I have a MILLION things to do now that I'm back And nearly all of them involve errands that require going outdoors. I have to go pick up my contact lens order, go to my 2 banks, mail stuff, pay my overdue phone bill (oops i forgot!), etc. etc. etc. GARRRRR!!!

and this has NOTHING to do with the post above, but in my random research/wiki-ing i found that Ugly Betty's necklace is a replica of Anne Boleyn's ...

P.S. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! (I said that with a Chicago-an "a"-accent for effect).
P.P.S. Columbia visit, US tour, and various other thoughts coming soon.


grayshifter said...

Eff...that's why everyone had a mask on when I went out today. I WISH SOMEONE WOULD TELL ME THESE THINGS

lydia said...

welcome back~

on the flip side, laura, you can stop worrying about being a crappy cultural ambassador. without a mask, maybe you'll just become more yellow by way of some sort of... particulate osmosis... /har har