Friday, March 21, 2008

zippity doo dahh~

okie. so. i'm still incredibly happy despite the resolutely exhausted physical state of my body.

this week has been fab. i went out to dinner last night with the 1st grade teachers to "get to know" each other and it was really fun. it's always good to see familiar faces and it was in fact nice to meet the ones who switched in.

the 1-1 teacher and i were joking about how many students there are suddenly and how to deal with it. so there were only 5 classes apportioned to 1st grade because the enrollment was low and then on starting day a bunch of new ones showed up and then were split up into existing classes so now there're enough students for 6 classes but still only 5 teachers and so each class has 40 kids. which is a problem because my classroom only has 36 desks. so apparently the teachers will find desks to bring to my classroom and arrange, but 40 kids is gonna be hard to handle. but oh, well, there's a few weeks more.

dinner was yummy and i was stuffed by my teachers' overthoughtfulness. i brought schoolwork home again as usual. and i just finished up a bit now and will do the rest on sunday and take monday as my day of rest. (p.s. happy easter). 2 more of my after-school classes will pick up next week.

here are pics of my spring "Our English is BLOOMING" bulletin board for my 2nd graders. there's a random bald spot in the front of 2-1's flower line. i dunno what happened, i think i had a brain fart. i'll fix it on tuesday.

i've started a new "thing." it's not procrastinating and making excuses for things that i think/want to do. for example, since freshman year of high school i always wanted to start a personal photo project where i would just take a picture of my outfit every day. it started with when i really started getting REEEEEEALLY REEEEEEEALLY into coordination and was sometimes impressed with what i did and wanted a tangible record of my outfits. clearly, i've let over 8 years pass and have done nothing about it but wistful thinking. so YESTERDAY i started photo-recording my daily outfits. i took one today, too. i'm really excited. altho i wish i had started earlier, at least i'm not waiting any longer. =)

i always wanted to wait for a super spectacular outfit to have as my *first* opening outfit. but i've realized that WAITING for the "perfect" moment is something that i always choose instead of just DOing something NOW that isn't maybe that perfect. i guess that's one of the drawbacks to my uber-perfectionism. i don't want to do anything unless i'm convinced i am able/ready to do it "perfectly/right".

hmm, yesterday with my english teachers we read a story about this couple in italy who waited out a 40 year engagement because the woman wanted to wait until they could afford the perfect marriage. i just saw the connection bw that story and my resolution now. hmm, interesting. maybe that story subconsciously touched a nerve. (the unit was titled "it's about time!")

today was super hot, like sweaty 70 degree hot. so i did more spring cleaning and put away more (read: all) of my winter clothes. and i just checked the weather and next week is gonna be like 50s. hmm... maybe i should've waited a bit longer. i don't have to do EVERYTHING quite right now...

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Aimee said...

i can't believe it's 70 in soko. we're expecting a snow storm tonight in meeshegan.

glad to hear you're organizing your life one outfit at a time. i would recommend stopping by SE asia on your way home and picking up some nicely tailored cheap suits. that way once you get to THE FIRM, you can play math games like this: 7 jackets X 2 pants/skirts that go w/each jacket X 5 shirts = 14 weeks of never repeating the same outfit and making all of the other summer associates look like they shop at walmart.

i'm coming back to zee motherland next month. see you then!