Wednesday, March 12, 2008

a quick reminder

i had almost forgotten. i had almost forgotten how and why i hated korea SO MUCH sometimes and of course. korea never fails to disappoint. it reminds me once again, WHY i can NOT wait to be out of here come July.

after a great weekend (lydia visited), after a pretty successful first 2 days of classes, after a fun past 2 days with other ETAs, Korea reminds me why i hate it so much.

granted, let me preface this by saying, i know that smart, polite, nice, good, normal koreans that i can connect with exist. i just haven't met any yet. but,


after a fun afternoon with ETAs, i'm on the bus home. it's evening rush hour time so the roads and the bus are both crowded. i'm on one of the older buses, it has TWO rows of two seats each (so 4 seats in each row) making for a VERY narrow and crowded aisle. i'm standing in the aisle (because i'm young and there happen to be a LOT of old folks on this route) and slowly making my way back to the middle exit doors every time ppl exit.

i feel some pushing at one stop and i try to lean into the two seats in front of me but i'm carrying a paper bag and i'm trying not to smash the halmunni's face with it. ALL OF A SUDDEN, THIS OLD MAN STARTS YELLING AT ME AND SHOVES ME OUT OF THE WAY SAYING, "IF YOU'RE NOT GETTING OFF AT LEAST GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!" THEN an older woman, probably 40 or 50 something ALSO SHOVES ME (even tho i'm already out of her way) and basically repeats the same sentiment. i'm STARING in awe, the halmunni in front of me is looking at me apologetically and the bus driver's already closed the exit door's altho he hasn't yet left. the old dude SCREAMS/SHOUTS/YELLS at the bus driver "OPEN THE DAMN DOORS OPEN THE DAMN DOORS" while simultaneously banging on them. it was one of the MOST unnecessary thing i've ever witnessed in my life!

after him and the woman get off, the old woman in front of me apologizes to me and says "there was no need to yell and carry on like that" and i smiled at her weakly. at first it didn't bother me, but more and more it's making me so angry and indignant.

i seriously don't understand what allows people to think they can ACT like that. and seriously, sometimes i wouldn't MIND NOT being the "bigger" person and wish i was not brought up well so i could KICK him in the buttcrack as he falls out and ELBOW the woman in the back of the neck on her way out. GRRRRR. i sometimes SO wish that i could do these things that it scares me. it's proving hardER to be zen now that i'm in contact with the outside world again (outside my school and hostfam - both pretty wonderful).

seriously, what makes ppl think they can act all barbarian like that? i mean, yea, the best response is "wow what an uncouth barbarian" and pretty much those people's actions bring more shame to themselves than i could inflict upon them, i wish i had the constitution to shove an old dude and ajumma for being the imbeciles/morons/idiots/heathens/animals they are.

this is coming at the end of a streak of me being very happy with korea. well, i guess it's a blight in the middle of a streak of me being happy with korea. some are just so well-mannered and polite and sociable and friendly and warm. ugh. korea can be so gross. i just feel DIRTY after that encounter. (shiver).

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grayshifter said...

True story: sometimes I can't honestly understand what's going on. Sometimes I only pretend I can't. Both are equally useful.