Wednesday, March 12, 2008

more korean idiocy and nytimes greatness

ok whatever, call me a colonizer or a minion of evil american liberalism. i don't care.

this nytime article about the new korean president's proposed canal uses probably some of the best words i've seen in a long time:

and THIS quote from a KOREAN dude:
“Until now, we saw no future, no way to turn around our economy,” said Baek Young-ja, 43, a restaurateur here. “Talk about possible environmental damage the canal might cause doesn’t mean that much to me. I think more about all the engineers who will come in and eat at my place once construction starts.”

categorically personifies the typical korean mantra. "i don't care what happens to anything/anyone else, as long as i'm better off". WHATA FREAKING IDIOT. i don't even know what to say. america's hicks and koreans in general have about the same usefulness as a bike to a fish (a nod to my idioms lesson coming up).

p.s. my favorite bloggers haven't updated lately, so i don't get to wallow in others' misery as well. sadness.

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lydia said...

"wallow in misery" - I've been using that exact term to explain my state of existence for the past 2 days... *sigh*