Monday, March 17, 2008

so, it's spring!

and that means little girls prancing across the street willy-nilly...

and getting hit by oncoming hakwon vans...

i kid you not. i was just walking home from running a few errands and i hear these girls laughing and then *THUD* and i turned around and see her jolt forward onto the road in front of a hakwon van.

FIRST of all, the driver doesn't even get out for a WHILE. the car is idling a woman from across the street comes over, a hakwon van going the other direction stops and the guy gets out to check it out, and FINALLY the car that HIT the girl is put into park, turned off and the guy comes out. it sounded like the woman and first guy were going to make sure everything panned out alright so at that point i turned around and kept walking home. (not speaking supergreat korean, i didn't want to get involved and make things worse). was that the responsible thing to do? i don't know. i hope so. i really don't know what else i would've done. i didn't even have my cell phone (lately i keep forgetting it at home. i never used to be like this but i'm so forgetful nowadays).

i'm hungry. it's PB&J time. (pam beesly & jim-funny joke by kevin =) ok for real tho, sandwich time. 2,700 won, so like almost $3 for a 10 slice loaf of whole grain. is that expensive?

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lydia said...

yes, sort of on the expensive side, but not astronomically so. =)