Friday, March 28, 2008


i have obsessions with weird somewhat outdated accessories

like cute umbrellas, also, HATS

few people, ok fine, more like, NO ONE understands my thing for hats. i'm not like those boys who has to buy EVERY single CAP or baseball head cover or like trucker hats (altho i miss my pink dickies one.. dunno where it went) or those other types of head covers (cough eric cough cough).

i'm into hats that no one really cares for or thinks are relevant to real life. for ejemplo: i love berets. i love pillbox hats. (don't own any yet, but wait til i graduate law school and have the bucks for it). i love FEDORAS.

and of course. who isn't familiar with my ridiculous obsession with straw hats? i seriously can NOT explain it. i KNOW straw hats are kindof a thing of the past. and yet there's something romantic and lovely and sophisticated about a straw hat that no one needs. and so i kindof collect them. i kindof have 3. which if you think about it, is really 3 more than one really needs minus a villa on the cote d'azur. (which i lack. so far).

so i totally gave up on not browsing online for pretty things because the news gets boring. and repetitive. so some finds from coach:

i love patent leather. you can pretty much spill anything on it. which is wont to happen with me. and just wipe it off.
wristlet clutch

ADORABLE hats, 50s style? i dunno but i wish i had the money to just buy hats for the fun of it.


and of course requisite ridiculous straw hat

HOT shoe

and in red

and a yellow clutch

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grayshifter said...

I'm like that...except for boots.

I. Love. Boots.

No explanation.

That is all.