Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's eBates together!

Just came in the mail today!
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(I love turning words into verbs).

Is eBates for real?  So, I've tried spreading the word before via Facebook and I think a lot of people thought that my Facebook page got hacked and spammed.

How does eBates work?  I'm not sure exactly how it works (I assume eBates charges the retailers who are listed an advertising or membership fee of some sort) but eBates is a cashback program based on your online spending.  I first read about it via Tiffany at I am Style-Ish and decided to try it out.

Basically you just use eBates' link to the retailers' site before you make a purchase.  I often will put things in my shopping bag (which gets stored for a period of time), go back to eBates to see if the retailer is listed and then click through to make my purchase.  (Sorry, that is a horrible description, just go to eBates, sign in, then use their link to the store before you make a purchase).

I've found it pretty intuitive but just in case, another description on how to use it from Tiffany's blog:
I've had a few people ask me to help with how to use ebates so just a quick summary:  First thing, bookmark ebates!  I have it saved in my bookmarks toolbar (I use Firefox where you can do that, not sure about other browsers) and when I want to start doing some online shopping I make sure to click on ebates before doing any browsing.  When you are on ebates, you can then click on one of the links for the stores they show or do a search for the store you are looking for.  I did a search for Nordstrom below and as you can see the Nordstrom link came up first and it's 5% cashback.  (The other links that came up are similar type stores but it's handy to see them in case you want to shop there too).  Click on the "Shop Now" button and then voila! you're on the Nordstrom site!  That link will remember that you clicked through and then will give you the cashback once you buy something.  The cashback will show up in your account within a few days of your purchases. 

Here's a screenshot of my last eBates' earnings:
There are SO many stores on there - I've made purchases at Gap, The Limited, Victoria's Secret, Land's End, Nordstrom, Sephora, even The Home Depot is on there.  Just check it out.  Since I've cut back on my spending, I haven't used the site as much - but I always make sure to check.

Also, they have daily and weekly specials where you get double the normal % cash back and other discounts.  I was actually going to buy my Clarisonic Mia from the Clarisonic website and then checked whether anyone on eBates sold it - and bought 2 (1 for the sister) from the SkinStore ON SALE and then got cash back. 

Sign up through my referral link and I'll earn $5!!!

*Post not sponsored by eBates.  I just wanted to spread the word before holiday shopping really gets underway!

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