Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Terrorists. Ruin. Everything.

Yet another way the terrorists and the events of 9/11 have made my life more difficult.

I have to send Employment Affidavits out to all of my previous law-related employers for them to fill out and return to me as part of my application to the NY Bar.

The mail in our office doesn't get picked up until 4pm and I wanted these to get processed and sent along their merry way as soon as possible.

So I used Google to find a mailbox nearby with an earlier pickup time.

The USPS website claimed there was only one mailbox within a mile's radius of where I am located with a 12pm (noon) pickup time.

I took my envelopes and walked down Broadway looking for this mailbox.  Curiously there were NO mailboxes on ANY corner of ANY sidewalk. 

I passed these cops a few times walking back and forth where the internet and my iPhone was telling me this mailbox should be.  I was worried they would find my behavior suspicious (clutching several large brown envelopes, checking my phone, and walking up and down the same 100 ft of sidewalk clearly looking for something) so I walked over and asked them in my most "I'm-so-lost-Officer-with-a-capital-O-please-help-me" voice why there weren't any mailboxes on Broadway.

The one cop looked around and said, "Oh, I've never noticed that but they're probably worried about ... terrorists."  He actually paused, looked around furtively, and whispered "terrorists" to me.  He then went back to his normal voice and told me to use the dropboxes inside any of these office buildings.

So, I thanked him, promptly returned to my own building and dropped the envelopes in our dropbox here.  Where they still won't get picked up until 4pm.  And that is how the terrorists ruin everything.  Blergh.


sylvia said...

why didnt you just go to the postoffice where i supposedly work?

Christine said...

I didn't even think of that! I'm making you a member of my brain trust :)