Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Read to your kid.

I had a professor in college, she taught Human Development, and she used to tell us, "If you remember one thing from my class, from all of college, it should be this: Read to your kids."

She would cite some studies and tell us anecdotes, but she just couldn't overemphasize that we should read to our kids.

My mom read to me A LOT when I was little.  And I always had a wall of books in my room.  And any book I asked for, she would buy me.  I had BOXES of books in addition to my wall.  And I just passed the bar exam in TWO2TWO states.

Not so much with my sister.  And we've all home-diagnosed her with some form of adult ADD/ADHD.

So, I'm gonna go with... this NYTimes article is probably onto something.


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