Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You can't say "bomb" on a plane.


Or in a building full of the Attorney General's state government employees.

I heard a few ppl rushing past my office just now followed by, "Grab your things! There's a bomb threat!"

I was going to ignore it until an official announcement was made (our building has great security) but then all the staff workers were rushing by in their coats with their bags.

So I peeked into the hallway and our Bureau Chief was out there - explaining that there's a bomb threat a block away between Liberty and Maiden Lane.  And although we don't have an official building announcement yet they were advised to move anyone with Broadway-facing windows into the interior of the building.

I'm way in the back by Nassau so I'm in the "safe" zone.  Now we're just waiting for more "official" news.

Also, my trip to the bank (front-facing on Broadway inside my building) is momentarily postponed.  Oh, dear.

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