Thursday, November 17, 2011


I'll be the first to admit, I didn't take the OWS-ers seriously when they first started.  I mean, come ON, who starts to occupy a park just as the weather takes a turn for the colder?

Nonetheless, I agree with their "statement" (since it seems more of a statement they are making than an actual message/objective).

And I also think some of my fascination (because let's face it, I'm really not a "current events" kind of person) comes from their proximity to my workplace.  They've been living in my eating-lunch park (well, they were until this past Tuesday).

And this morning my commute was a little disrupted by their/the police activity and so naturally it was the first thing I looked up on Google when I (finally) got in.

I read this article from the LA Times.  The description below could totally have been me walking to my non-paying "job," except my Burberry is KHAKI, thank-you-very-much.

One woman wearing a black Burberry coat and carrying a briefcase appeared frustrated but was smiling as she was slowed by the crowds.

Frustrated b/c they are making it hard for me to get into work b/c A) the sidewalks are overcrowded and B) my building has shut down 3 of our 4 entrances.
Smiling b/c I agree with a lot of what I've read are their complaints and frustrations (if not their method) and because if my fancy schmancy law school didn't care so much about its ranking in US News and World Report, I wouldn't have a non-paying office to go to right now.

Then I started reading their live feed and then linked over to watch via their ustream feed.

Because I'm too scared to go watch in person b/c I've never been pepper-sprayed and would like to keep it that way.

Now that I've seen how crowded it got on the sidewalk down there - I'm so glad I decided to get into work a little early.
(The camera guy is across Pine St. from my building - the Capital Grille awnings are my building).
I would've cried trying to get through that crowd, then probably turned around and gone home.  HAHA.  So strong.

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sylvia said...

although i generally agree with the frustrations being aired by OWS, i think they're pointless and laughable. they have no clear solution or proposed changes governtment should undertake and instead complain about the injustices of the world (no shit) and how they can't stomach wall street. they're completely disorganized and i think they've lost their purpose. i wish they could just decide on their top priorities and then present to congress/cityhall/whomever how they would like these to be changed instead of spewing bullshit like 'we are the 99%'