Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wrong foot forward.

I wore my Tory Burch Revas yesterday for my commute.

I've never found them as AMAAAAZINGLY comfortable as people rave (not enough arch support for me) but yesterday I was surprised at how uncomfortable they were.  They were fine for the morning commute.  But the after-work commute back home was pretty uncomfortable.  My feet felt pinched in all the wrong places.

Today, I wore them again.  Realized I wore them on the wrong feet yesterday...

Now, I've gotta say, a shoe that you can wear on the wrong foot and merely feel mild discomfort and not get the obvious feeling that something is wrong is quiet impressive.

Or... I'm just dumb.


sylvia said...

1. quite
2. how did you not notice they were on the wrong feet? do they not look like left/right shoes? (idk if that phrase even makes sense).

Christine said...

Have you seen the Revas? They're just glorified leather gomushin. CLICK ON THE LINK, WOMAN! Also, since the OWS-ers made it really hard to get into my building this morning I wanna go see what's happening. I don't wanna be at work.

sylvia said...

okay, i clicked.

1. dude, you can SO tell which one goes on which foot.
2. i cannot believe you paid $200 for a pair of flats.
3. i never want to be @ work