Monday, November 28, 2011

Siblings (rivalry?). Aww.

Sometimes, I get really really REALLY sad that my sister and I will never be able to share a moment like this (starts with highlight #3 at 0:30s):


Mason, a junior, #5 passes his rebound to his older brother Miles, a senior, #21 for an amazing sibling assist.  How AWESOME it must be to be able to share that kind of TEAMWORK and a SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT with your sibling!!! They don't show it in the clip but right after that dunk Mason runs over and does the intense manly "YEA!!!" buttslap to Miles.  I nearly died of jealousy right then.  I wish my sister and I were that good at and intense about something.

Not to say we don't get along - quite the contrary.  I couldn't live without her.  She claims I can't even get the salt from the other side of the table without her (quite possibly true). 

But our sort of teamwork is more along the lines of, I'll be trying to get something from the back of a fridge that looks like the one below (because my mom still buys food like my sister and I are in high school and eating 4000 calories a day) and when things start toppling and falling out on me my sister will come and help me out.

That's great and quite a feat, but not quite ferocious manly athletic "YEA!!! YOU GOT IT!!!" buttslapping material.  Le sigh.

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