Monday, November 28, 2011

What to wear to a swearing-in ceremony?

Unlike NY, whose registration to take the bar exam is almost too quick and painless, NJ requires your application to the bar to be submitted way back in April as part of the exam registration.

What this means is that while in NY, finding out you passed the bar is the first step to completing your application to the bar, in NJ, the bar score is the last step.

I found out that I passed the NJ bar exam on November 17th and the swearing-in ceremony is tomorrow in Trenton.

I figured I'd wear a suit, but trying to decide on the details, I turned to Google.
(Details: skirt vs. pants? button-up vs. blouse? scarf or brooch?)

One of the top hits: The Dos and Don'ts of Swearing-In Fashion.

Hmm... maybe I'll try to pick up a sequined cowboy hat on my way home from work today?
Or better, since I'm from NJ, I'll go get a nice orange spray tan a la Jersey Shore to represent?

I also posted the question over at Corporette, so hopefully I'll get some responses there.

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