Monday, November 7, 2011

Other uses: Neosporin.


I've long had "sensitive earlobes."

What this really means is that I can't wear any earrings for very long.  Or my ears get infected and itchy and painful.

I received a pair of earrings for my past birthday that I LURV but could usually only bear to wear them for half the day before my holes hurt so much I had to take them out.  And then my ears would be infected for a few days so I wouldn't be able to wear any earrings at all.

So - I recently found a way to deal with this problem: Every morning before I put (any of my) earrings into my ears, I stick the post into a tube of Neosporin to help kill all the bacteria on them/in my holes/around my holes/that develop during the day and then put the Neosporin-covered post straight into my ear (don't wipe it off or anything).

I have a specific Neosporin that is only for earring lubrication so I don't worry about it infecting my cuts or whatever else I use Neosporin for.  If you have just one Neosporin then I would suggest squeezing it out onto a cotton swab (aka Q-tip) first and then using the swab to put the goo on your earring posts.

I haven't tried it myself but I imagine that anti-bacterial hand gel might work in this capacity as well.

(P.S. I also put Neosporin on pimples that accidentally pop (too early) when I'm washing my face a little too hard or in the shower - it cuts the healing time down drastically and doesn't leave a huge angry red (or white) mark).

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