Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Useful Tuesday! Save. US.

Interesting, yet simple, explanation of why the US is full of big spenders and Europe, thrifty savers.

Why We Spend, Why They Save.
Few Americans appreciate that the prosperous economies of western and northern Europe are among the world’s greatest savers. Over the past three decades, Germany, France, Austria and Belgium have maintained household saving rates between 10 and 13 percent, and rates in Sweden recently soared to 13 percent. By contrast, saving rates in the United States dropped to nearly zero by 2005; they rose above 5 percent after the 2008 crisis but have recently fallen below 4 percent. 
Nearly ZERO!??!?!  That's CRAZY!!!

START SAVING, PEOPLE!!! On that note, I rather enjoyed this book: The Simple Dollar, written by Trent Hamm based on his blog.


I read it on my Kindle for iPhone app and highlighted a whole bunch of things - trying to figure out how I can "export" that info somehow - to print or at least save in a document for later perusal.

So, I'm starting another "weekly" thing: Useful Tuesday!  Hopefully, I'll share useful advice, tips, and other information on Tuesday (just like how I share Food on Friday!)

OK - OMG - sharing TWO useful things today.  1 was SAVE YO MONEY!!!

If you have the Kindle or a Kindle app (as I do), your highlights and notes will still be saved in the book, as well as at kindle.amazon.com!!! How amazing is that??? I've been hoarding these books on my iPhone b/c I didn't know how to get access to all the awesome stuff I had highlighted within Kindle.

I just logged onto kindle.amazon.com and saw all the bits I had highlighted over the past few months.  AMAZING.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - when done right, technology seriously makes life so amazing.


Check out how to do cool stuff on Kindle apps here.


sylvia said...

how do you read on your iphone?
my eyes always start to water after half an hour and they feel as though they're about to pop out of my skull

Christine said...

i usually read it on the subway or bus - it's not that bad. better than staring at the computer monitor all day

starstuff said...

Why are Americans such spenders? What's the reasoning for this?

Christine said...

lol click on the pink link - goes to NYTimes article ("Unlike the United States, the thrifty societies of Europe have long histories of encouraging the broad populace to save.")