Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ETAriffic = happiness of life

my english head teacher made these for me. apparently if you hang out with a boy several times or more, they are automatically assumed to be your boyfriend. she told me she made couple cell phone accessories for me and my boyfriend. i told her they were too nice to give to that boy bc he is not my bf and she was like, oh well, just wait for someone an then give it to him. so i'm giving the blue one to my lover for life, amelia. =)

so. this past week has been pretty awesome. esp in comparison to the week before it. anyway last friday was rough, but since then things have been looking up. saturday i went out for lunch with the hostfam for some 추어탕 and i jsut had some 미꾸라지만두. hahaha yick. and then imo and i had a shopping date bc i wanted a long blazer and some new casual/cute shoes. i was successful on both points!!! AND made some more shoe store oppa friends. i heart shoe store oppas, they are so awesome. one was so flustered by the fact that i spoke english he kept forgetting to move his hand after putting the shoe on my foot and i kept stepping on it! i felt so bad!!!

anyway, on to more impt things. LYDIA called me to say she was coming to cheongju with rebecca!!! and we all met up at jamal's host fam's and his mom made us all samgyetang!!! and almost all the chungbuk etas came in (minus bryan) and we all ate together and then hung out. it was soooooo nice to see everyone!!! even minsuk (korean man of seclusion and mystery) came out!!! and eric came STRAIGHT from seoul to be with lydia. yayyy I HEART ETA LOVE!!!

rebecca and lydia both ended up sleeping over. i wake up sunday morning to find that LYDIA AND IMO ARE BEST FRIENDS!!! haha. they had spent like the whole morning together talking and chilling but i'm really glad they like each other bc imo is seriously so awesome, i wish all the ETAs had hmoms like her. she makes my life in korea awesome/bearable. so imo made us all french toast, which lydia helped clean up and she apparently knows more about my host fam's kitchen than i do already. but anyways, then we went for pho for lunch. we all met up at jamal's again and his hostfam drove us to gongju to visit lydia's school. i LOOOOOOOVE lydia's school. her boys are my FAAAAAAVORITE!

they remembered me from when i visited a few weeks (a month?) ago!! they were like, OHH CHRISTINE SUNSENGNIM!!! and i was like omg you remember me?? and they were like YES HIGH FIVE!!! hehe. so a bunch of our boys went and played bball with them and i played a little HORSE but then sat and chatted with a few of lydia's 3rd graders. and there's really nothing like sequestered high school boys for a little boost to your self esteem. they kept telling me how i have such a great laugh and how my smile is so cute. and they all made me promise to come back again to see them. (how can i not when they are so great and shower me with attention and compliments?) hehe. i was so busy talking i didnt get to take a picture with my favorite chat buddies, but they're really sweet and naive - i think partially bc they've just been at the boarding school instead of a normal hs full of horrible influences!

we had dinner at the caf with the boys and i got to talk to the boy who lives in cheongju in the apt. complex across the street from mine! he is an alum of my elementary school that i'm teaching at! yayy so then we went to downtown gongju (and that is a very liberally applied usage of "downtown") and had some more snacky foods and then had to chill at the bus terminal cuz the last bus was pretty early.

anyway, it was a good weekend. monday was rough but manageable and tuesay (yesterday) was a VERY GOOD day at school. 3 stars (that's what my VERY GOOD classes get). then the etas met up again bc today (wednesday) is National Foundation Day of Korea and everyone gets teh day off. which reminds me, today i went hiking with my host dad's residents and nurses from the hospital! i asked maia to come too and it was a lot of fun! i've been meaning to go hiking at some point bc it seems a very koreanesque thing to do. it was not too hard and just challenging enough to be fun! also we met some cute dr-y ppl hehe and they were very sweet at helping us at very steep points on the trail. =) so now i must make some lesson plans for next week's afterschool english summer camp bc i'm leaving for busan film festival and seeing some lovely faces tomorrow right after school! yayyy!!!

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