Wednesday, October 17, 2007


hehe. so yea, i'm pretty ridiculous. that's just who/what/how i am. and you can either like it or not. =)

i was thinking about people that i like (friends, family, profs, boys) and i realized the thing that i like most about them, is also usually the thing that drives me crazy. so for me, i've pretty much accepted that people can either like me FOR my ridiculousness or dislike me for it. whatever, but what's me is me and that's not changing. not really.

for example, i've realized this past week that i've stopped effortlessly losing weight in korea. i've reached a kinda stable place (after losing all my american food weight). and how do i deal with it?? well, i get an ice cream and feel happy. =)

i love rosie, i had a dilemma on my hands so of course i called her. she was the perfect person to call today. my one month gym membership ends today. so i was supposed to go yesterday to renew but stuff came up and i couldn't. so here i was at home, with a dilemma, do i go to the gym and renew my membership then work out while i'm there and come back? ORRRR do i go to the gym and renew my membership and come home to take a nap??? ORRR (this is the best one) do i just call the gym to tell them i'll come by soon to pay and please don't throw away the stuff in my locker??? well, clearly if I CHOSE the latter two options, i would feel lazy and guilty ... so i called rosie ... and told her how i was super dizzy and tired (i only got 4 hours of sleep last night and taught 5 classes today) and she ADVISED me not to work out today, that naptime was what i needed. now, how can i NOT heed a friend's advice? she clearly cared about me and wanted me to get the rest i needed.

SOOOOOO, i got dressed (put on my cute boots-it's BOOTS weather finally!!) and walked to the gym, renewed my membership (and yea i woudln't have been able to do it over the phone, i dont know the word for "renew"), took the elevator downstairs to the MART on the first floor, bought myself an ice cream, and ate it merrily all the way home. =)

i think the checkout ppl there think i'm so weird ... i always get the most random/weird combinations of "stuff", today i bought: an ice cream cone, listerine, plum teabags, and a 수세미(koreanstyle loofah thingy). i saw a few of my students, so that was fun (i LOVE saying hi to them!) and as i walked home merrily enjoying my ice cream cone, i heard what the adults who all passed me were thinking "she must still be young to be enjoying ice cream in this cold weather" (hehe SUCH a korean thing to think/say) and i was like, ykno what? i AM a baby, and that's alright with me. young at heart right?

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