Wednesday, October 24, 2007

school stories (good)

last week i had dinner (hwaeshik) with my 1st grade teachers and it was a lot of fun. i learned a lot about different students, faculty, etc. at our school and they asked me lots of questions too about me and my life in america and how i like life in korea and so on and so forth.

a funny skit from 6th grade english camp: (my kids are hysterical)
1: i have a stomachache
2: when did it start
1: last morning
2: what did you eat for dinner?
1: i had a steak
2:ok pull your pants down and get on the bed, i will give injection
1: wait wait i am afraid
2: no no its ok. (injection)
2: now you must pay
1: i have no money
2: what?
1: i am thief. (runs away)

ok, today more school stories:

apparently, some english hakwon (academy) teacher called our school to complain to our principal that their 1st/2nd grade students have been dropping out and they have been losing business since school started. our principal WHIPPED out my resume and started challenging the hakwon teachers' creds and then said, "that's right, our native speaker teacher is pretty legit, and THAT is why you're losing business and it's not my problem" ... hahaha

also, this came out during some teacher/parent meeting thing, but one little girl's dad was all like, hey i'll let you sleep late today and you can stay home and we'll spend time together. and she JUMPED out of bed and said "no daddy not today, i have to go to school because i have english class today!" hehe and her dad was sad that she liked me more than him but it's stories like this that make me glad i'm here and make all the stressful stuff worth it.

the 1st grade teachers have also found it quite effective to threaten the students with NO english class when they misbehave, and that sets them straight.

my principal is one of my biggest fans at school and that makes life more bearable. apparently he starts EVERY meeting (pta, teachers, etc.) by explaining how accomplished i am and how smart and pretty and how much the students love me and all the calls he's gotten from parents who say their students can't stop talking bout me, and then he tells them how LUCKY our school is that they have me and how much money i could be making elsewhere teaching english and how my volunteer (봉사)at their school just is another reflection of what a wonderful person i am ... haha it's great. i heart him.

NEXT, my 1st grade teachers found out somehow that i LOVE going to public baths in korea. sooo apparently there is a family style one somewhere in cheongwon where everyone is in the bath area together but you wear bathign suits so they said they were going to take me one of the next 놀토s. so i asked if i should buy a new bathign suit bc the ones ive seen in korea have many much more material than the ones i brought from america. and they were like, oh NO don't worry. wear YOUR bathing suit ... we will thank you ... an the other people at the bath will also say "thank You" ... hahaha i love my 선생님s, they are the best. =)

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