Sunday, October 7, 2007

MORE words that do NOT start with P

because they do not start with p, or are not words
parcen (he spelled it out for me)
percel (he tried again)

words/phrases that DO start with P
pig 똥 (ddong/poop)
PICNIC (the superspeller from above told me what he meant in korean)
pool (which i heard) and pull (which he meant) (which started a new mini lesson for the other classes on pronunciation)
PC bang
parrot (which he defined as mother and father-i corrected him gently)

they had many other words that successfully started with P, but these were my superstars

(i could actually do a post on almost every letter i've done so far, english spelling is confusing - the words that start with N and O would've been a super good post)

**i swear this one boy is in EVERY single one of my classes. or at least there are at least 7 of him scattered throughout my classes ... maybe ppl aren't racist, asians really DO look alike?

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tom said...

haha.. there just MIGHT be multiples of him.. one time at my elementaryschool.. i interviewed one boy for my english camp for the summer.. and then like he comes back the next period for the interview again.. i was like if you're finished.. you can go.. he's all confused.. like i didnt do it yet.. and i kept saying go over there and wait.. and then they were finally like NONO brother.. and my teacher (jaekyung)'s like they're twins!!! like wat da fock.. hahaha.. i was like crap!! mad funny.. they were both in my summer class ofcourse..