Wednesday, October 10, 2007

things i'm looking forward to

this coming weekend/tomorrow:
10/11 thursday: gossip night with maia, including dancing at the new CGV for free movie tix, and taking ridic sticker pics
10/12 friday: craft biennale w/tom oppa's middle school, errands?
10/13-14: seoul day trip poss, and catch up on sleep/lesson plans (lol somehow sleep>anything else in life)

next weekend:
10/19-22 kyeongju conference: chilling with the other teachers, seeing my FAV faces in korea

10/26: perhaps pre-halloween party for my school's kids? i was thinking of my advanced kids, the girls who clean my classrooms, etc.
10/27-28: being a bum in cheongju/travelling with hostfam to kwangju (depends on hostsis' exam outcome eek!!)

first weekend in nov: secret trip
2nd wknd in nov: trip w/hostfam
3rd wknd in nov: busan or kyeongju with hostdad's residents (poss...i'm debating!)
4th wknd in nov: thanksgiving PLUS JOAN UNNI'S FABUNONYMOUS BDAY BASH

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