Saturday, October 13, 2007

great news of teaching

on friday, i get a phone call from my coteacher and she is sorry to interrupt me in my time off but she has such good news she wanted to tell me ASAP. so i'm all like, okay yes what??? AND she had a meeting with my vice principal that morning and the good news is that i no longer have to lesson plan for lessons that i am not allowed to teach!!! the homeroom teachers will be making their own lesson plans and i just have to read/speak when pointed to. not ideal for the students (in my opinion) or for my boredom level, but i now have more free time and less stress from the discrepancy from what is expected from me performance-wise and what is expected preparation/workdone-wise. so, YAYY!!! she just wanted me to finish out this month (2 weeks left since i had already planned for this week) BUUUUUT thanks to imo i actually only have 1 more lesson to plan bc im getting a week off!!!

so last week imo called my coteacher to ask about why there is no water cooler system going on in my school and to tell her that i am dehydrated. also, imo upped it a level and told my coteacher that i am always on the brink of a cold (감기기운) and i am so tired and stressed and just basically telling my coteacher that maybe could she PLEASE take better care of me at school since i am there so much of my day. annnnnnnnd i guess it worked bc my coteacher said that i can take the whole week of school after kyeongju conference (next week) "off"!! so originally i was going to come back early to teach on monday bc having only half my classes throws everything off, but then coteacher said that i dont have to come back early, just take monday off to have some ME time, then they'll solve my keeping the classes on the same lesson problem by taking me on a field trip to the english village on tuesday instead of teaching. THEN she said that they're also cancelling my wednesday/thurssday 1st grade classes so i don't have to plan or teach at ALL next week. however, it's a secret from my VP so i still have to show up at school, but not having to teach or plan sounds pretty sweet to me. she said she just wants me to rest and relax for a week. so yay!!! looks like most things are working out!!!

i'll write about this weekend tomorrow, and i have an intersting post in the works about a boy/shoe metaphor. =)

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