Monday, October 15, 2007

lots of good news, one bad news

saturday was equally packed and fun (compared to friday)

*first i woke up and played dress-up for imo
*then got to the bus terminal and pouted (sorry, oppa!) until we got on the expensive bus i wanted haha
*seoul!!! (omg bad news on the bus!)
*went to coex to eat BURGER KING and go to an Apple-esque store (ooohhhh it felt so goood!)
*then to insadong to find this vintagey store joan unni and jess were gushing about
*SSamzie market was sooooo fun, i can't wait to go again when i am NOT broke and coming off a weeklong shopping spree (gahhh my mom is going to kill me-but i'm TRYING to save i promise)
*then eating at random street vendors on our way to ichon to see the fireworks!!!
*met tom oppa's EPIK friends (it's a 2way street-he's met all my fulbright friends)
*watched FIREWORKS!!! for 2 hours!!! yayy!!!!
*then decide to go back home instead of stay in seoul (i was tired and sickly feeling)
*try to get dinner w/oppa's friends near our station (FAILED miserably)
*almost miss the last bus (sold out at central city stn) then get one from the 고속 terminal across the st.
*finally get home and sleep soundly in my own warm and wonderful bed!

i had a little me time it was wonderful. imo let me sleep in and when i woke up the day was BEAUUUUUTIFUL!!! so i got all dressed up in some of my new clothes and packed up to write letters in a cafe (a la amelia). i took a NEW bus i had never taken before, and just RODE it. it was really good for me, i think, to just be GOing without a real destination or deadline. i'm always freaking out and overly focused on the destination rather than the journey. so this was a good semi-metaphoric bus ride for me to realize that sometimes the journey can be just as worth it as the actual destination. i actually found this bus goes lots of places i had been lazily using a cab to go. so yayy me. also, i go to my fav angel-in-us location and get a yummilicious white choco mocha latte and blueberry bagel w/cc. yummm!!! i plug in the ipod (actually it's been in this whole time) and get to work. i wrote 3 letters and mused for a bit. then i started walking towards giordano bc the shirt i had ordered on friday had gotten in saturday morning. i love that store. i love stores and service in korea in general. they are SO good to customers. and i love being recognized and treated specially. the retail experience was MADE for ppl like me. it's so bad. haha. i picked up my shirt (even tho i forgot my receipt) and went along my merry way. i called lydia and she had some fun news for me (hehe) so that was good.

the day was a success bc it made me happy. also, weather was great. i wandered a bit. PLUSSSS i took a bus everywhere i went, NO spoiled little princess cab rides!!! hehe. i like the feeling of taking public transportation bc it makes me feel more independent and able to do things on my own-ish. oh yes, i AM jasmine when she escapes from the palace (anyone?).

ok, here's teh bad news of the wknd, I TOTALLY FOUND A WHITE HAIR!!! I FLIPPED OUT and when i was telling imo i guess i was freaking out a little bc i had to repeat myself and she had to tell me to calm down and speak slowly. but on the bus ride to seoul i was playing with my hair and i found a WHITE HAIR!!! I HATE YOU KOREA!!! even duke in all it's glorious stress and pressure and ridiculousness NEVER EVER gave me a white hair!!! gaaahhhhh!!!! i saved it, and will upload the picture soon ... omg it's horrible. after that i made tom oppa help me look through my hair for any more rogue white hairs ... none yet. hopefully that was a rare occurrence. i am not ready for this. THE ONLY THING I HAVE GOING FOR ME IS MY YOUTH!!! hehe.

also, i have 2 possible new hairstyles for after kyeongju and after my host sister's entrance exam. we are going to seoul together to get our hair done. i'm excited. =)

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경아 said...

sorry, but your bad news cracks me up! hahaha. can't wait to see you this weekend miss lim!!