Thursday, October 11, 2007


people often ask/wonder how i read so many NYTimes articles and still have no idea what's going on in the world of politics/war/economics ... this is why, the stories that interest me are more about lifestyles and trends. These include ecnomic trends (sometimes) but just as easily technology and medical trends. There is something about what people are doing in real life that is much more interseting to me than politics (as much as that trickles down to me) and I'm just more interseeted i guess in something i can relate to. (things like how ppl are more into natural outdoor swimming pools (no chemicals), artsy urinals in private homes, popularity of clay floors in the southwest, etc.)

How fat isn't necessarily bad and how doctors sometimes suck at decision making
How e-mail cuts out a HUGE part of our communicative organ
About young paparazzi boys

In addition, here are some random notes i took in my little spiral at a bus stop a few weeks ago:

if i were ever in an artsy photo shoot, say for the cover of Vanity Fair (which has really good articles btw-i miss it) i would be completely naked and tastefully covered by draped pearl and diamond necklaces. Probably with the glossiest reddest lipstick, slick black hair, and looooong white satin gloves (plus GIANT diamond rings). OR wearing a painted on suit with a top hat, OR have a naked picture from the back sitting in a wooden barstool and i'd be looking over my right shoulder and down with a single line down my back (be it a diamond strand, black silk scarf, or a backwards tie). i don't know why, but i just somehow imagined these things. Something about vanity fair, they make naked look sooooo classy... hmm

next, if i ever dated an organic and he made me 삐젔어 i would buy him a t-shirt from TEENY WEENIE that said that on the front, and give it to him and laugh secretly. hehe.

i added another LIST to the bar on the right of the screen. as if my posts didnt make the webpage long enough already, it's a list of books i want to read, i've been adding to it for at least a year at this point, and it doesn't have ALL my books, but just the ones that are more non-fiction and the result of my reading nytimes articles all the time. not too much literature on there but that's another list for another time.

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