Sunday, October 28, 2007

redemption (good)

1st grade school festival dance

host brother (dennis) w/his knex bridge

은비 (my cousin) and me in insadong

my 1st little uncle, wife, and 은비 (the boys didnt come) and rebecca eating intestine

me, in insadong, with a sign that discriminates against my hodduk

rebecca and me in insadong

me (new haircut) w/jess

joan unni, me, jess, reflected in subway stop

BLOGGER is not letting me upload pics ... annoying. pics and videos up soon. i promise.

ok, first of all, thank you to everyone's wonderfully supportive comments. it really does help to know that i'm not the only one who feels this way and the pressure and all this random stress that you hadn't REALLY expected ... and it's nice to know that cognitive and 느낌 (emotional/feeling/something) is totally different and that discrepancy is one of the annoying things for others helps (a horrible sentence, bu you know what i mean)

this weekend was korea's redemptory weekend on many fronts. i had a lot of fun, it was relaxing, i got to be me in a lot of different enviroments, and i just feel good. also the food this weekend was fun.

as always, my weekend began on friday. i woke up and went to my school's festival. i got to see a lot of my different students show off differnet talents and it was fun. i was pretty happy to see them all dressed up and outside of a classroom environment. after the fesetival (i will post videos on youtube soon) i went to their classrooms (1st grade - i actually have no idea where my 2nd graders have class) to see their differnet artworks. i was so impressed at how GOOD they are. then i went home and took an awesome nap and then went out to run errands, send mail, pick up my fixed shoes, etc. i did a little of self-esteem boosting, got a delicious 졸졸호떡 and took the bus and walked a lot (in heels!). i had mandoo for dinner YES!!! and then went to the gym and wrote letters all night.

saturday we woke up at 6:30 to go to my host brother's award ceremony (KNEX SUPER PRIZE!) for his bridge in seoul. afterwards i went to meet my cousin, jess, ramie, and rebecca r. at dongdaemun for some shopping. then my cousin and i went to insadong and i showed her some of my favorite places. then we met up with rebecca h. and went to eat dinner with my uncle and aunt. they bought me a new north face to keep me warm during my fall travels - i am very thankful and warm. next we had TWO dinners, one with normal meat and kalbi for me and then the 2nd was with intestines for all the rest of them, Rebecca included. her and my uncle are now best friends due to their similar food tastes. my uncle drove us and we got back to the hostel around 1am and fell asleep pretty quickly and happily.

sunday we woke up (today) and i took rebecca H. to insadong for some more tea (haha i love free tea) and gift shopping for ppl. then we separated and i went to meet up with jess and joan near ewha to get my hairs cut. so now i have new hair, and a new appreciation for korea (not really kindof maybe). haha. we ran into rebecca R. at the bus terminal and saw some of the stuff she bought yesterday. it was cute!!! hehe i love shopping and clothes. also joan and jess took the bus with me to cheongju (then onward to gumi) cuz their bus was sold out till much later ... so yayy for not taking the bus alone. now i'm exhausted and am winging my 2nd grade lessons tomorrow (since its my las tlesson i'm gonna do the letters-lesson plan- and then halloween!) nothing big ... jus a ppt and then making paper ghosts. (or maybe haunted hosues? since our lesson is Our House). hmm we'll see. tomorrow is a big day (workwise) since i did no prep for this week's lessons i'll have to do it all tomorrow.

this week and month (nov) are gonna be super packed. this week i have dinner with maia's family, lunch w/jamal, and a new grade for english camp. also doing a college walk w/eric (i have no idea what this means haha). this weekend is personal me time with jesus (i wont have my phone dont bother me!), next weekend is free (i was confused with my schedule), next weekend fater that is early tday at the ambassadors, then i'm going on a trip with my hostfamily to the beach and kangneung, then it's december!!!

ok good night.

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