Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Losing's not my style

i saw this on a website a friend sent me, and it made me realize, i've never lost. not really. if it looks like i'm losing, or anytime i feel like i do, i just have to remember, that usually means the game's not over.

if i had one of these posters it would be like, well actually, hmm it would be :if YOU think you're losing, you probably are. if CHRISTINE thinks she's losing, there is clearly more game to be played. THAT'S RIGHT NS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO EAT MY SOUL AND KILL MY JOY AND GET AWAY WITH IT. CLEARLY IT'S NOT EVEN HALFTIME. maaaahahahahaha.

hehe i'm in a weird mood. school was awesome today. my lesson was very very well-received, everything went off w/o a hitch and my teacher workshop proved to me that my teachers understood that my actual unhappiness/complaint with the school was directd at the administration and DEFINITELY not at my wonderful homeroom teachers.

is it wrong that i have mini-crushes on the good-looking/adorable boys in my classes? (i love the girls, too!) they are so sweet. i love talking to them in korean after-school and during lunch. it's absolute BS that their english would improve if i only spoke english to them. the only thing that would do is alienate me from them and then i wouldn't talk to anyone and that would be sadness. i love little kids and have always missed growing up with millions of cousins, so korea's been good to me in that respect.

i'm pretty psyched for this month. i feel like i've been allowing myself to get down and a little too absorbed in the "here and now" (i taught my principal this phrase yesterday) and bogged down by the little things. that's natural i guess. i've always had a tendency to get distracted by the petty things and lose focus on the big picture. i say it's natural bc i'm such a detail-oriented person. there are always pros and cons to every personality/character quirk.

so i feel like this past weekend was a pretty good way for me to get a bit refreshed and refocus on the bigger picture (lydia's students have that effect on me-ooh another post on them later). hehe, my tendency to be super self-absorbed sometimes amuses me, and at other times annoys me. at least it's me tho, i pretty much love myself so much that even when i annoy me, my self-assessment is that i'm pretty awesome. hehe.

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