Thursday, October 4, 2007

musical finesse?

i never thought teaching english would turn me into a singer. haha but it has. i sing almost every class. the teachers and students enjoy random high notes that i earnestly reach for and rarely attain. it greatly amuses them. like i said, i'm an entertaining clown. and then i sing after school with one of my english competition girls. she's sitting in front of me right now. i'm being super resourceful and using my *borrowed* iTalk(?) recorder thing (thank you, mr. ahn) to record her and then burning her a cd of herself so she can practice with a CORRECT model. the CD she had been using (children's english learning CD about snow white) was stressing all over the WRONG place and incorrectly pronouncing words. but anyway, i thought that was pretty baller of me to figure all this out.

im heading down to busan in about an hour and a half for the weekend. itll be good to see some faces that have been sadly lacking from my life. i got 2 super duper phone calls from 2 super fabumazing ppl today and that just put a smile on my face. yayy.

also, i talked to my daddy 2 days in a row and that was nice. ridiculous but nice. here goes a snippet of our awesome convo:
me: oh, daddy, i'm going to busan this weekend
daddy: i see, what're you going to do there?
me: well it's the international film festival
daddy: so you're going to see lots of movies?
me: well they were all sold out so i'm only seeing 2 on friday and then saturday is free
daddy: so what're you going to do on saturday?
me: probably fall asleep on the beach
daddy: ARE YOU CRAZY???
me: huh? what? why?
me: .........

so anyone else headed to busan, watch out on the beach for those landlubber sharks that just climb around the sand eating beachsleepers

also, if that sounds super formal and stilted, its because i tried to recreate it as accurately as possible, but the influences of all the "textbook" english i'm surrounded by have been slowly but steadily creeping into my brain.

lastly, i think my skin REALLY is THAT bad, my english head teacher today offered for me to take this coupon she has to get a facial massage next week. i gestured (it was during lunch and there was food in my mouth) that oh, no i couldn't possibly, if she only has one coupon SHE should use it and she interpreted it as, ok let's go together on wednesday. haha


Jane said...

Christine! Thanks for putting me on your friend list. I like your bloggggggg! I'm now just waiting for you to come visit me.

grayshifter said...

OMG, your bit about sharks ROCKED MY WORLD HOLY SHIT, I'm still laughing!

Augh! How was I in Busan and didn't get my ass in gear to call you? FUCKLES

BTW, going out on a Wednesday night Halloween sounds like what we like to call "making poor choices," which means I'm totally in. Where do you want to to the thing? :)