Monday, October 29, 2007

sick day (ok)

halloween designs on desserts at george's dinner junior year before asa semiformal
my chocolate cake

john's "fast cat"

heather's cheesecake

i took a sick day and didn't go to school today. i'm not horribly dyingly sick, but i knew if i went to school today and did my normal clown show for 4 classes and then did an adv. class and teacher workshop i would be dying the rest of the week. and i can't CAN NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT be sick this week/month. i have too much going on at school and outside of school. so imo called my coteacher and told her i was dying but if i slept all day today i'll be better for tomorrow. i feel bad that imo lied and exaggerated and apologized to coteach for not taking better care of me that i'm sick all the time, but it was def necess. i got 죽 (porridge) and 유자차 (special citron tea) and slept all day and actually my swollen throat feels much better now. lets hope it holds out. so no late nights for me this week ... which m,akes me sad bc wednesday is one of my faaaaaaaaavorite holidays of the year. HALLOWEEN!!! gahh!!! i LOOOOOOOVE HALLOWEEN!!! i am gonna dress up and go out every year until i die. that is my goal in life. i have NOT missed a single halloween yet so this year i MUST get better and make GOOD decisions (a la wint's halloween card - i may transcribe later on).

seeing my family this weekend and being sick today has really made me miss my family at home. esp. my daddy, lil cricket, and my mommy. i thought i was melancholy last night jsut from missing my fams but now i think that was me being sick ... ugggh ... tomorrow morning is another "field trip" to the education college to watch an english coteach in action, then i get a WHOLE HOUR to ask that coteach questions ... YES .... AWESOME .... ok lesson planning before early sleep. nite.

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Youn said...

많이 아파? 어떻게 해, 바쁠거라면서 ...
밤에 일찍 일찍 자라니까. 푹쉬어야 하는데. 좀 릴렉스...오케이! 가장 큰 효도는 자기몸 잘 care하는거라고 그렇게 일러주었건만. 그렇지 않아도 어제 팩키지에 cough candy 보냈어. 감기걸릴가봐. 이모네도 한봉지씩 드리고. 감사한다고 전하고.
Take care yourself!!!!! please.
사랑한다,내딸. 엄마가. 기도할께.