Thursday, October 11, 2007

life as a teacher

me (M): what day is today?
student (S): ANGRY

M: how are you feeling today?
S: thursday
M: no no, how are you FEELING today?
S: oh, cloudy
M: hmm, are you feeling HAPPY? are you feeling very sad? are you very tired?
S: very thursday

M: how are you feeling?
S2: NO!! (glares at S1) Teacher, I'm feeling cold

M: this past weekend i went to busan, Miss Christine went to busan
S1 (in korean): ohhhh, she went to busan
S2: teacher, parents in busan?
M: no, i went to the international film festival
S1(in korean): she played basketball!!!
M: (confused) no no i went to see MOVIES, FILMS
S1 (in korean): she saw a movie about basketball!
M: no no no (with the BIG X hand motion and shaking my head)
S2: she was in a movie about baseball?
S1: no she was in a movie about volleyball ....
S1&2: (confused looks)

6th grade english camp role plays
S1: what would you like for dessert?
S2: i'll have the orange juice please

S: i recommend the famous, it's very delicious.

S1 (doctor): what is your problem?
M: umm, let's change that
S1: ok, what is the matter with you?
M: let's try "what seems to be the problem?"

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Amelia said...

Indeed, what's wrong with you? Lol soo cute