Wednesday, October 17, 2007

IM-ing with my principal

so my principal and i "cool messenger" (IM) each other several times a day, starting with:

me: good morning, principal! happy thursday!
principal: good morning, i can say happy thursday too?

and then he usually asks me several english-related questions during the day (i seriously have no idea what he does with it ... but oh well)

yesterday he sent me this, apparently its going out to all parents in a newsletter? he also sends inspriational warm messages to all the teachers randomly throughout the week.

so cute!! (he is like almost 60ish late 50sy and the MOST avuncular man i have ever met!)

I nspire warmth (늘 내 곁에 있는 당신에게 따뜻함을 불어 넣어주고)

L isten to each other (당신의 말을 상냥하게 들어주고)
O pen your heart (당신의 마음을 활짝 열어주고)
V alue your opinion (당신의 의견을 가치 있게 평가하고)
E xpress your trust (당신에 대한 믿음을 표현하고)

Y ield to good sense (좋은 말로 서로 충고하고)
O verlook mistake (당신의 실수는 말없이 덮어주고)
U nderstand difference (서로의 다른 점을 이해해주는 것)

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